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With 5G as a narrative and framework, this design project explores future use cases and discusses the impact it could have on our society.

︎︎︎ Artifacts

  1. Autonomous Decisions
  2. Remote Work
  3. Fake Society
  4. Cultural Streaming
  5. Decentralized Health
  6. Contagion Mapping
  7. Digital Education
  8. Connectivity as Real Estate
  9. Virtual Shopping

︎︎︎ Final Reflections

We are in the middle of a connectivity-shift, where 5G is expanding every day.

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Final Reflection

Through this diploma we have been able to address issues surrounding an emerging technology that we knew little about. Deciding what to include or not has been challenging throughout the process, as there are so many layers to it.

Contrary to more traditional interaction design projects, we used our knowledge and tools to create believable screens and prototypes instead of creating usable ones. Instead of offering a single design solution to a problem, we have created nine future artifacts that illustrate services or solutions that 5G could enable.  We’ve used these artifacts to reflect both alone and with others on implications and consequences on a personal, societal and governmental level.

“We tend to overestimate technology in the short term and underestimate it in the long term.”

- Amara's law, Einar Duengen

Through exploring trends, use cases and the technology itself, we have been able to connect our artifacts to probable settings. We have learned a lot about the themes and issues they address, and about the varied ways we can contribute as designers. The questions that appear in our reflections involve ethics and societal issues. We imagine that these questions will appear more frequently in the near future. As designers, our moral compass points towards using our experience to do good. By not having a critical approach to the services, products or systems we design, we might unintentionally lead society further away from the preferable future.